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    Vincent wrote:
    >Religion, ethnicity and nationalism have a role in name choice also, I

    Yes, definitely. In Denmark the name 'Christian' ranks number 9 in 2000,
    and 3 in 1999, despite danes being some of the least religious people in
    Europe. The muslim immigration into Europe make Europeans fear for their
    culture, religion and identity and become more nationalistic. I think
    that's why 100 year old names are revived here. (Speaking of muslims,
    'Mohammed' ranks number 45 on the list now).

    A name like 'Victoria' would be unthinkable in Denmark a few decades ago
    because of its association with Victorianism, which everybody abhorred
    then. Now it is rapidly gaining popularity, with a rank of 25 in 1999, and
    19 in 2000. The name 'Victor' may also have slightly imperialistic
    overtones in some people's ears. It ranked 23 in 1999 and 19 in 2000.

    >Very interesting to hear that Danes often give their kids English

    Sorry, I wrote AMERICAN names. That may not make much of a difference, but
    the inspiration certainly comes from American movies, which working class
    people watch every day here.

    M. Schwartz, Ph.D.

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