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            <I am a fan of science fiction, and one of my favorite movies is
    > Planet, the first major studio usanian SF movie, made by MGM in '56 and a
    > seminal influence of Star Trek, and dozens of others.>
            An absolute classic- I have a poster of the film in front of me on
    my office wall (I also have posters of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and
    'The Day the Earth Still' up in my office). Leslie Neilsen in a straight
    role is a bit hard to take though given his later naked gun exploits.

            <There is one female character in the movie (why will be revealed
    > shortly), who is named Altaira, after the world she was born on, Altair
    > IV. I fell in love with the actress (Anne Francis), in that movie-star
    > crush sort of way, but I fell in love also with that name, and I vowed,
    > that if I ever were to have a daughter, that Altaira would be her name,
    > and I did, and it is.>
            I bet she loves you.... I had an acquitance who desperately wanted
    to call his son Luke, with the middle name Skywalker. I think his partner
    allowed the first name but not the middle name.

            Brendan eh? Lucky escape for some poor kid. Altaira and Miranda...
    very nice names. I hope they're both well.

            The biggest problem with my name, that I otherwise really like (and
    hate being abbreviated although everyone does it), is that people alwasy ask
    if I was named after Van Gogh, especially when they find out I've only got
    one ear. Once, one unfortunate woman in a pub asked me what my name was,
    and after I said 'Vincent', she said, laughing, 'oh, have you only got one
    ear then?', and I said, very straight faced 'Yes'. Terribly cruel of me,
    you could see she wanted the ground open up and swallow her right there. In
    fact, I'm named Vincent because my dad got to choose the second kid's name,
    and he liked Vincent, having had a friend in the army by the same name, very
    reason indeed. In those pre-ultrasound days, they didn't know until I was
    born that I only had one ear, but I don't think it actually occurred to them
    that people might make that connection even after that. Nothing wrong with
    being associated with a genius, though, in my book. Besides, it also means
    there's a song bearing my name which is always nice.


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