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Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 11:30:32 BST

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    > On 06/01/01 09:01, Chris Taylor said this-
    > >> What I meant was, people who _do_ obey moral and ethical precepts are
    > >> often at a disadvantage in the power structure.

    > >Sorry - I think I had you back to front (so to speak).

    > And I ain't just talking about laws....

    << Couldn 't agree more on this !
    Try for example to ride from London to Manchester obeying all the rules
    of the traffic code. You would be surprised, I suppose, that you were the
    only one to do so !!
    Not only you would have spend more time on the road, what in a sense
    is in one way safier and in the other way it is not ( you fall asleep), your
    petrol consumption would be less ( although that would stay in the balance
    if you don 't " jump " red lights ( start- stop etc)) and third and IMO
    most important factor, driving at the maximum speed if everybody else
    is exencive over that limit well that would be dangerous, not for you per-
    sonaly but also for the others uses of the road. They don 't execpt to find
    a car driving at the maximum speed...
    ( and one of the reasons why traffic- agression occurs (everybody is so
    winded up behind the wheel that one single driver holding the maximum
    speed is enough to enlight the whole thing.))

    Cases like that are now under investigation in order to adapt the speed
    onto the " real" situation. One reason why files do occur is due to the
    that not all of the cars drive at the same speed.
    In Belgium there exist in the summer months, when everybody is trying
    to get to the seaside, a system called ' block- driving '.
    All the cars have to stay behind one motorcycle of the police who drives
    them at the speed of 80 km/ h to the sea.
    No files, lesser accidents, more sunshine,....



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