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Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 14:58:53 BST

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    >>The shock in France over Dumas, is not so much about what he did,
    but that
    >>he and his woman got sent down.

            <And I think that people who conduct their lives ethically and
    > deserve some reparation, don't you?>
            Oh yeah, absolutely. Bit of a pipe dream though.

            By the Way, and unrelated (well, perhaps tenuously), I see in
    today's BBC news online (v.good site by the way for UK & International news
    []) that the Taleban religious police have now decided
    that foreign women aid workers aren't allowed to drive, adding to their
    ruling a week or so ago to make Hindus wear yellow badges (I think it was
    badges) so they can be identified more easily (Sikhs are obvious enough
    apparently, due to their turbans).

            Back to political corruption, we in the UK are getting close to
    finally getting one of the most loathed politicians, Jeffrey Archer (he of
    the unfathomably popular newsstand novels, like 'Cain & Abel'). He's up on
    perjury charges regarding a libel trial he won in the late 1980s, apparently
    after falsifying diary entries, and paying a friend to lie for him to cover
    up an assignation with a prostitute. There's a good chance he's going down,
    and the party will be really huge if he does (the next big party will be
    when the wicked witch is dead- Thatcher that is).

            Don't you just wish that 'The West Wing' was real, and Martin Sheen
    really was President?
            I see Bush's daughters are trying to follow in daddy's footsteps and
    becoming irresponsible drunks in their early years, although they possibly
    might be following the Euan Blair (PM Tony Blair's teenage son) school of
    'If he was your father, wouldn't you want to get drunk?'. No doubt the
    girls will be after an exchange with a UK university where they can legally
    get legless (on proper beer as well...).

            Sorry, I'm engaging in wild displacement activity, so I'll stop.


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