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Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 13:54:20 BST

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    On 06/01/01 08:41, Chris Taylor said this-

    >> And I think that people who conduct their lives ethically and morally
    >> deserve some reparation, don't you?
    >You mean they should see someone killed by the bus that would've killed
    >them if they stepped into that road at that time?


    Don't know how you could come to that conclusion.

    What I meant was, people who _do_ obey moral and ethical precepts are
    often at a disadvantage in the power structure.

    And those who don't are rewarded.

    Time, don't you think, for some reparation? That is, time, don't you
    think, that people _don't_ get away with it?

    - Wade

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