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Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 14:36:13 BST

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            <Only to those who wish to maintain the ignorance. Knowledge removes
    > It is better to light that one candle.>
            I think I know what you mean and agree. Of course one of the
    problems, that religions and others exploit, is that some kinds of knowledge
    for quite a lot of people is inherently fearful. Fear of death is
    alleviated for many by the notion of an afterlife, for example, despite it
    being a preposterous idea. It allows people to avoid dealing with the
    knowledge of the inevitability of death.

            Arthur C Clarke once said, of the existence of extra-terrestrial
    intelligent life, that there are basically two answers to this question-
    either we're alone in the universe, or we're not alone, and either answer in
    terrifying. In some regards I think he's right about that (although I'd
    only find us being alone terrifying).

            I still cling to the hope that we'll make contact with an
    intelligent extra-terrestrial race one day (although the chances are
    incredibly slim), in the naive hope that this will make all those true
    believers sit up and say "Hang on, none of my religion's sacred texts, or
    priests have ever mentioned these aliens before, and yet they claim divine
    knowledge received from god(s)", and then realise it's all self-serving
    rubbish and start waking up. It won't happen, of course, just as doomsday
    cultists don't (usually) give up and go home when doomsday goes by, without
    the doom part (apart from that bloke a couple of years back who had TV
    camera crews watching him wait for the word of God to appear in his TV set,
    I forget his name, but he gave up and went home).

            You can feed true believers to lions and they still won't give up...
    oh wait that's been tried already, hasn't it.

            Incidentally, I saw a report in New Scientist the other day that
    there are clear differences in the genetic ancestry of the different castes
    in India, indicating quite clearly that the caste system, thought of by
    Hindus as a route to spiritual growth, was initially simply a sophisticated
    form of apartheid.

            Anyway rambling on my hobby horse again, sorry.


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