Re: Email virus spreads memetically

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 13:38:14 BST

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    On 05/31/01 08:12, Chris Taylor said this-

    >(a) scare you (as the kid does itself) with something you
    >don't know, so hey, why not comply because the effort of compliance is
    >far outweighed by the 'risk'

    Pascal's specious little concern never worked for me, I'm afraid.... I
    never saw any risk from atheism. Still haven't.

    >(c) appeal to your greed (pyramid schemes).

    That's the con, of course- the only greed is from the one who started the

    >Ignorance is fear, and fear is very useful

    Only to those who wish to maintain the ignorance. Knowledge removes fear.
    It is better to light that one candle.

    >I think it all comes back to one principle: Something is better than

    My one principle is 'Nothing is not to be feared, and then you have to
    know something.'

    Closely followed by knowing I ain't got a hell of a lot of knowledge.

    Then again, it's good to know there's so much out there not to be afraid

    - Wade

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