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Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 05:17:11 BST

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    >Subject: RE: Fwd: An addictive thrill [cures]
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    >Hi Scott Chase -
    > >Please tell me we haven't suckered the Brits into following after one of
    > >collective pathologies.
    >Oh, hell- they've got cricket, for chrissakes! They've been beyond the
    >bend for ages.
    Oh, so we can blame the Brits for baseball then? I'm not familiar with
    rounders or cricket, but if they are similar to baseball, I think I'll pass.
    I just can't mesh with baseball. It tends to lull me to sleep.

    In retrospect, I may have been harsh on BBC America. Not only might it be
    more exciting than baseball, but I managed to catch a much younger Rowan
    Atkinson in some show they call "Black Adder" several weeks ago. I didn't
    realize "Mr. Bean" had a previous gig.

    I used to love watching "The Goodies" as a kid. "Benny Hill" too, though I
    imagine the Brits are still trying to live that show down.

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