Re: Quantum questions !

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Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 13:29:28 BST

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    On Sat, May 26, 2001 at 09:58:29PM +0200, Kenneth Van Oost wrote:
    > << If memes have nothing to do with the dichotomy matter/ energy in which
    > they are encoded,... if memes are not/ or have not any matter or energy
    > of themselves... what are they made of !?
    > Out of what they do exist !? I think this is a fair question to ask.
    > You will probably answer, memes are made out of info.
    > Ok, I go along with that, but out of what consist info !?
    > Is it matter or energy or what !?

    For one take on the relationships between matter, energy, information
    and memes take a look at my website.

    Robin Faichney
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