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Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 13:40:53 BST

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    >Subject: RE: Fwd: An addictive thrill [cures]
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    >On 05/25/01 06:02, Vincent Campbell said this-
    > >Finally a cure for all those Red Sox fans!
    >The Curse of the Bambino being, as far as I know, still in full force,
    >exorcism would also be required.
    Maybe someone could find the cure for baseball, in general, though it's hard
    to see how this pastime could be considered an addictive "thrill". Some of
    us would find watching paint dry or an old Volkswagen rust to the ground
    more exciting. Then there are those unbearable extra innings which are akin
    to a root canal.

    Please tell me we haven't suckered the Brits into following after one of our
    collective pathologies. Then again they have unloaded BBC America onto our
    shores ;-)
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