RE: Or the oversight of the instant response?

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Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 18:23:54 BST

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    On 05/25/01 11:43, Ryan, Angela said this-

    >And could you translate Curse of the Bambino,
    >please? (I suspect it's a sports thing.)

    It's a bit of a sports thing, yes. Vincent mentioned the addictive
    quality of Red Sox fanship, (and although I now live in Cambridge, I was
    raised in Connecticut, equidistant from Boston and New York, and never
    did take sides in that classic rivalry.)

    Of course, while baseball can still be considered a religion, it had its
    ecumenical heyday in the early part of the twentieth century. (And can
    anyone believe I can now say that, looking back...?)

    The Curse of the Bambino comes from those golden times (and, regardless
    of your leanings towards sports or fans, I highly recommend the book 'The
    Glory of Their Times'), when the Boston Red Sox (or was it the Braves...?
    (Don't castigate me before I tell you I ain't a real trivia nut about
    these things), had a crackerjack pitcher/hitsman by the name of George
    Herman "Babe" Ruth, who could do it all. And, in the black year of 1908
    (or '09, or '10, or '06...), the Babe was traded to the arch-rival New
    York Yankees for some godalmighty amount of money.

    And, while the Red Sox had enjoyed a heady run of World Series wins over
    the course of their years, they have never, ever, won a World Series
    since they traded the Babe, although they continue to come tantalizingly

    Thus, The Curse of the Bambino.

    And thus, the irrational committment, akin to addiction, that Red Sox
    fanship has become....

    - Wade

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