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Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 16:13:42 BST

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            Butting in briefly...

            <Your dogmatism is futile. Look up "information theory" and/or
    > "communication theory" in any relevant reference work. For students in
    > computing, telecoms and physics, this is first year stuff.>
            Computing, telecoms and physics do not have the monopoly on
    information/ communication theory, indeed one could argue their uses are as
    peculiar and non-generalisable as the term culture is in chemistry. If you
    want to ignore fields like linguistics, semiotics and communication studies,
    then fine, but such disciplines clearly have strong ideas about what terms
    like information and communication mean, and if you look up such terms
    in_their_reference works I think you'll find them rather closer to what
    Joe's been arguing. (As I think I've said before, Shannon & Weaver's model,
    for example, went out with the ark in Communication Studies).

            Perhaps this is at the root of your disagreement- you and Joe are at
    cross (disciplinary) purposes?


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