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    On 05/15/01 03:51, Robin Faichney said this-

    >I'd say, there's at least one example of a word that is used
    >unusually, where that use conveys exactly what the writer intended.

    Not to put too much of a point on it, but, yeah, that's what creative
    writing is all about- making something understood on an
    emotional/intellectual level, and yeah, poetry is sometimes putting
    things in previously wrong places or using it in a new way to make this
    understanding possible.

    And, yes, in these instances, 'the best use of a word' might well be one
    at odds with common definitions or idiosyncratically.

    But this is poetry, and that particular use of that particular word in
    that particular way _will not be repeated_ (usually) in other places or
    times, and certainly not for understanding things of a different nature.

    Language is an ever-changing, shifting landfall of human expression.

    And when science becomes poetry (which I dearly desire, BTW) then even
    technical journals can look like Finnegan's Wake.

    But until then, plodding learners that we are, we need stepping stones of
    permanent fixture on the landscape of facts.

    And the unchanging symbols of science to mark them.

    - Wade

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