RE: football and stuff (was RE: memetics of the heroine)

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Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 11:32:44 BST

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    Ah yeah, Jim McMahon that's right. I do vaguely remember Bosworth, but he
    had his work cut out palying for the Seahawks...

    Those that can play pro football and baseball really are extraordinary
    athletes. I believe Ian Botham (English cricket hero) also played football
    (that's the proper version I mean) for a lower division club, but I can't
    really conceive of someone playing both football and cricket at the highest
    level in today's game.


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    > > <I too suffer from chronic unread book syndrome. I saw a coffee
    > mug
    > >recently
    > > > which said something like "so many books, so little time". I'm
    > planning
    > >on
    > > >
    > > > building a machine which stops time, so that I can catch up on my
    > >reading
    > > > and then be smart. One of these days I want to compare Marlowe and
    > >Goethe
    > > > wrt the Faust theme.>
    > > >
    > > Coincidentally, this was one of the themes of a literature course
    > I
    > >took. We studied Marlowe's Faust, Goethe's Faust, and also Bulgalov's
    > 'The
    > >Master & Margerita', and Vaclev Havel's 'Temptation' (you know the Czech
    > >president playwright) also explicitly reworking Faust. I bought the
    > first
    > >two and the last one but as to reading.... Oh, and the following year we
    > >also studied Klaus Mann's 'Mephisto', the book about an actor in Nazi
    > >Germany playing in Faust. Again book bought, not read- I could say in my
    > >defence that we were shown the award film version (we were film students
    > >also, so our lit lecturers tried to make links where possible), however,
    > in
    > >this case I fell asleep during the screening...
    > >
    > > I think it was the pace of studying that I had trouble with. At A
    > >level (16-18 in school for our non-Brit colleagues), you studied one book
    > >or
    > >play for weeks, even months at a time, and then suddenly your studying
    > one
    > >book or more, per week. The Faust stuff, for example was all of those
    > >texts
    > >in one week (or maybe two I forget exactly).
    > >
    > > > <The other wrestling organization WCW had a character Sting who
    > >appeared
    > > > to
    > > > have derive his recent persona via hybridization of Brandon Lee's "The
    > > > Crow"
    > > > and Jim Carrey's "The Mask" (Loki the Trickster himself?). Sting's
    > >earlier
    > > >
    > > > incarnation was more like mid 80's football star Brian ("the Boz")
    > > > Bosworth,
    > > > if one of my friends is correct.>
    > > >
    > > That rings bells- did he play for the Chicago Bears alongside the
    > >Fridge?
    > >
    > No, you're probably thinking of Jim McMahon (no relation to Vince that I
    > know of). Jim McMahon was the NFL's bad boy for a while, wearing
    > sunglasses
    > and a headband. IIRC the reason he liked wearing sunglasses was beause he
    > had stuck a fork in his eye by accident when he was a kid.
    > "The Boz" played for the Seattle Seahawks. He had somewhat of a film
    > career,
    > playing in a movie called "Stone Cold". Maybe that's where "Stone Cold
    > Steve
    > Austin" got his monicker from... "The Boz" was a commentator for the now
    > defunct XFL. So was Jesse Ventura (a wrestler turned governor). I'm not
    > exactly playing up the best parts of Americana wonder the rest
    > of
    > the world turns a confused glance our way.
    > There's another football player named Howie Long who used to play for the
    > Oakland Raiders. He was probably born with a "flat-top" haircut. I guess
    > that's one of them late 80's/early 90's trends. Memetics of the hero?
    > Another Raider you don't hear so much about is Bo Jackson. He did a major
    > stint on commercials...Bo knows... Bo was one of the fastest running backs
    > I've ever seen. He also played baseball. Deon Sanders played baseball and
    > football too, which leads us to something "memetic" as Deon's old collecge
    > team (the Florida State Seminoles") was infamous for the tomahawk chop and
    > war chant which was also adopted by thw "Atlanta Braves" and "Kansas City
    > Chiefs". Maybe these team names reflect badly on Americana too, as the
    > adoption of stereotypes of Native Americans isn't going over as well as it
    > used to. There's some controversy over this, especially with teams such as
    > the "Washington Redskins" which have names that are quite insulting when
    > you
    > think about it.
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