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Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 11:28:16 BST

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    Chyna is a very interesting wrestling character. Her catchline is that
    she's the 9th wonder of the world, and she's even won belts that the men
    compete for (she's built like a tank- although she's also appeared in
    Playboy recently, I believe it was a best selling issue...).

            <Please educate me, as a newcomer, on how I should respond to
    > replies; am I clogging the list? Should I respond to people individually,
    > or
         is this convivial polylogue agreeable to all?>

    As to list etiquette, well we run a rather loose ship here, with threads not
    always remaining on topic. Usually though everyone posts direct to the
    list, but answering each specific post (that people want to address)
    directly. Does that make any sense at all? Usually we cut and paste a
    comment/question into our responses so it's reasonably clear who's talking
    to whom and what about. I think there's freedom to engage in a bit of idle
    chit chat, as much as deep philosophical issues, if only to alleviate the...
    tension that sometimes emerges in discussions.


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