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Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 16:48:53 BST

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    >From: "Richard Brodie" <>
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    >Wade wrote:
    ><<Look, I totally agree that _anything_ that _anyone_ has _ever_ said at
    >_any_ time is _fiction_- and thus opinion is a great deal of it, and that
    >the best thing that anyone could ever say would also be open to opinion,
    >but the _best way to use a word_ ain't, and never was, a matter of
    >_opinion_. It has always and shall ever more remain, a matter of
    >What's the consensus on the use of the word "ain't"?
    It's a highly regarded word here in the South. Y'all is also a staple word
    as in "Hey y'all, we ain't got no more beer." Consensus has it that these
    words are here to stay. Ivy leaguers might have a different take on whether
    these words belong in a person's vocabulary (or idiolect?), but they ain't
    gonna purge us of the sacred slang.

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