anti-heroine, anti-hero, and villain

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Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 14:45:54 BST

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    Subject: anti-heroine, anti-hero, and villain
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    Giving the heroine/hero topic more thought, I began wondering when a
    character might be more of an anti-heroine or anti-hero, instead of a
    heroine or hero. Would some of the music legends be more like anti-heroines
    and anti-heroes than true heroines and heros? What about rock stars addicted
    to heroin?

    In wrestling scripts the shift from hero (or anti-hero?) to villain can be
    quite abrupt. A character who was a favorite of the crowd could suddenly be
    transformed into an evil menace with one good dirty double cross.

    OTOH for some wrestling fans, the villains are the heroes.

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