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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 23:25:14 BST

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    >From: "Ryan, Angela" <>
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    >Subject: FW: memetics of the heroine
    >Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 18:16:07 +0100
    >This message followed a strange path: I hope it has now reached the list.
    >Could I request that no one ever tell me what either 'Chicago Bears' or
    >Fridge' mean, not even to what terminological field, or life-form, if
    >applicable, they belong, not ever, please. Reality is just too strange
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    > Dear Scott, and Vincent,
    > This is turning into 'so many heroines, so little time'! I am
    >delighted to hear all these suggestions, and grateful for them. I don't
    >whether to be frightened or reassured at my own familiarity with popular
    >media culture. I am still pondering Buffy and Ally, and here come Zena
    >I know) and Chyna (whom, or which, I don't). I see the line heretofore
    >between me and people hurting each other for entertainment may have to be
    >crossed; deferral will be my fall-back should denial give way, so I shall
    >rely on your information.
    Watch WWF wrestling to draw your own conclusions about Chyna, if you dare.
    > I applaud your list of scientific heroines which should, of course,
    >include Susan Blackmore. I would also include Jocelyn Bell.
    And Rosalind Franklin too as she was behind the scenes of the Watson/Crick
    > Please educate me, as a newcomer, on how I should respond to
    >replies; am I clogging the list?
    You're doing fine.
    >Should I respond to people individually, or
    >is this convivial polylogue agreeable to all?
    > Yours sincerely
    > Angela
    Maybe trimming some of the posts previous to the one you're replying to
    might help conserve some space on the list. This can be time consuming

    I'm not very knowledgable of literature. I did recently watch a videotaped
    series of Richard Wagner's Ring cycle. One character I'm vaguely recalling
    was Brunnhilde (spelling?). She might have had some heroine qualities
    comparable to Siegfried the hero. Wasn't she the one who disobeyed Wotan and
    wound up concealed within a ring of fire? It was a very long opera and I
    can't recall the details. I've been wanting to learn more Nordic mythology
    (and Celtic too) just for the fun of it. More stuff on the backburner.

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