football and stuff (was RE: memetics of the heroine)

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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 22:50:37 BST

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    Subject: football and stuff (was RE: memetics of the heroine)
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    >From: Vincent Campbell <>
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    >Subject: RE: memetics of the heroine
    >Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 09:59:20 +0100
    > <I too suffer from chronic unread book syndrome. I saw a coffee mug
    > > which said something like "so many books, so little time". I'm planning
    > >
    > > building a machine which stops time, so that I can catch up on my
    > > and then be smart. One of these days I want to compare Marlowe and
    > > wrt the Faust theme.>
    > >
    > Coincidentally, this was one of the themes of a literature course I
    >took. We studied Marlowe's Faust, Goethe's Faust, and also Bulgalov's 'The
    >Master & Margerita', and Vaclev Havel's 'Temptation' (you know the Czech
    >president playwright) also explicitly reworking Faust. I bought the first
    >two and the last one but as to reading.... Oh, and the following year we
    >also studied Klaus Mann's 'Mephisto', the book about an actor in Nazi
    >Germany playing in Faust. Again book bought, not read- I could say in my
    >defence that we were shown the award film version (we were film students
    >also, so our lit lecturers tried to make links where possible), however, in
    >this case I fell asleep during the screening...
    > I think it was the pace of studying that I had trouble with. At A
    >level (16-18 in school for our non-Brit colleagues), you studied one book
    >play for weeks, even months at a time, and then suddenly your studying one
    >book or more, per week. The Faust stuff, for example was all of those
    >in one week (or maybe two I forget exactly).
    > > <The other wrestling organization WCW had a character Sting who
    > > to
    > > have derive his recent persona via hybridization of Brandon Lee's "The
    > > Crow"
    > > and Jim Carrey's "The Mask" (Loki the Trickster himself?). Sting's
    > >
    > > incarnation was more like mid 80's football star Brian ("the Boz")
    > > Bosworth,
    > > if one of my friends is correct.>
    > >
    > That rings bells- did he play for the Chicago Bears alongside the
    No, you're probably thinking of Jim McMahon (no relation to Vince that I
    know of). Jim McMahon was the NFL's bad boy for a while, wearing sunglasses
    and a headband. IIRC the reason he liked wearing sunglasses was beause he
    had stuck a fork in his eye by accident when he was a kid.

    "The Boz" played for the Seattle Seahawks. He had somewhat of a film career,
    playing in a movie called "Stone Cold". Maybe that's where "Stone Cold Steve
    Austin" got his monicker from... "The Boz" was a commentator for the now
    defunct XFL. So was Jesse Ventura (a wrestler turned governor). I'm not
    exactly playing up the best parts of Americana wonder the rest of
    the world turns a confused glance our way.

    There's another football player named Howie Long who used to play for the
    Oakland Raiders. He was probably born with a "flat-top" haircut. I guess
    that's one of them late 80's/early 90's trends. Memetics of the hero?

    Another Raider you don't hear so much about is Bo Jackson. He did a major
    stint on commercials...Bo knows... Bo was one of the fastest running backs
    I've ever seen. He also played baseball. Deon Sanders played baseball and
    football too, which leads us to something "memetic" as Deon's old collecge
    team (the Florida State Seminoles") was infamous for the tomahawk chop and
    war chant which was also adopted by thw "Atlanta Braves" and "Kansas City
    Chiefs". Maybe these team names reflect badly on Americana too, as the
    adoption of stereotypes of Native Americans isn't going over as well as it
    used to. There's some controversy over this, especially with teams such as
    the "Washington Redskins" which have names that are quite insulting when you
    think about it.

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