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    On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 02:15:28PM -0500, wrote:
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    > Bingo! J is inaccessible, like Kant's noumenon or Sartre's en-soi
    > or Husserl's ding an sich; if it were accessible, it would be I. It is
    > the information that would be available if Heisenbergian restrictions
    > did not apply - but they do; it is therefore an abstract ideal
    > construct, having no observable or testable real, concrete,
    > empirical referent. Thus, it is very strange for someone to claim to
    > be able to calculate the disparity between J and I, for that is quite
    > simply claiming to be able to calculate the disparity between the
    > knowable and the unknowable.

    Can you explain how, using "the unknowable", Frieden and colleagues
    were able to derive physical laws to the satisfaction of physics journal

    Personally, I suspect that what's critical is *amounts* of information,
    so they only need a single figure for J in any particular system, the
    number of bits.

    You have Frieden's book, don't you, Joe? Can you confirm that?

    Robin Faichney
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