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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 19:36:10 BST

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    "Wade T.Smith" wrote:

    > Hi Trupeljak Ozren -
    > >Any ideas why would, and how, such a strange thing as "dance epidemcs"
    > >appear and/or spread through population? What could be behind it?
    > >I have this feeling that it is important and connected with recent
    > >discussions on religion/behavior memes etc...
    > The Shakers were a religious sect that used dancing for ceremonial
    > purposes. Did Shakerism appear because dancing was forbidden or
    > discouraged? Were they driven to the New World?
    > Do modern dance fads meet with similar reprobation?

    According to newspaper reports in the UK, the new Attorney General of the
    United States is opposed to dancing on religious and moral grounds. There has
    been no mention that he singles out faddish dancing.

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