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Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 23:00:21 BST

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    --- "Wade T.Smith" <> wrote:
    > Hi Trupeljak Ozren -
    > >And as far as I know, algorithms can be (and are) portrayed as
    > patterns
    > >of relations between sets, fields, objects, etc.. of the computer
    > >program.
    > >I still fail to see the significant distinction
    > But you just gave us an excellent example of quite a few
    > distinctions.
    > "Algorithms can contain patterns of relations" is not saying the same
    > thing as "algorithms are patterns".
    > My take is precision.
    > - Wade

    hahahaha! I like your selective quoting! :)
    Of course, if you read the whole thing thorough one more time, you are
    going to notice that the only reason why I am not saying patterns are
    algorithms is because it is obvious that algorithms are a specific
    subset of the cathegory called "patterns". For problems that are
    algorythmicaly solvable, "pattern for finding the solution" or
    "solution pattern" is semanticaly indistiguishable from "algorithm".
    Thus computer program (which is a set of *patterned* instructions for
    computer to do something) is a specific subset of cathegory
    "algorithms" which is a subset of "patterns". IMHO, of course.
    If you want to be "precise", then offer a better word that can describe
    that *something* which makes information distinguishable from data, and
    data distinguishable from random fields..

    (goes of to pattern some junkcars in the meaning #7. of the M-W
    dictionary. ;)

    There are very few man - and they are exceptions - who are able to think and feel beyond the present moment.

    Carl von Clausewitz

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