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Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 16:14:15 BST

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    Hi Kenneth Van Oost -

    >If, like the survey suggets that fitness is 40 to 50% genetical determined,
    >what than to say about those woman by whom their fitness is not
    >genetical determined !?
    >And what about the by the environment caused descreased chances to
    >get pregnant in the first place_ stresses, populution, alimentation,
    >Studies show that the quality of sperm is diminishing, and what about the
    >possibilites to have children without that urge !?
    >Vitro- fertalization, sperm- donation, adoption in a sense... when a spon-
    >taneous pregnacy is not possible and there is a " childwish " ( the urge)
    >how would the biological body cope with this and how would nature
    >solve this !? Does this means that those woman are increasing their chances
    >to get a career !?
    >Questions I know, but I stay hungry...

    Ya know, all these questions are reasons to stay hungry with most if not
    all of social statistics and any results gleaned therefrom.

    It's all so messy and unsure and it's entirely too difficult to refine
    and distill the relevant causes and effects. And this study will be
    refuted by the next one....

    Still, staying hungry is proper. Only priests eat well from the poverty
    of the ignorant.

    - Wade

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