RE: Darwinizing Culture: The Status of Memetics as a Science

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Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 14:23:12 BST

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    On 04/27/01 07:02, Vincent Campbell said this-

    > As cultural institutions, as I said, I think indeed
    >there are clear parallels, but your comments are about processes of
    >thinking, and deep structures, which IMHO science and religion clearly

    Yes, indeed- there is Science and there is science, just as there is
    Religion and religion. (Personally, I use the capitalized version for the
    cultural institutions.) The lower-case versions are methods, and motives,
    for observing and understanding reality, and to me, the religionist
    simply adopts _not_ to understand reality, but to rely upon a model of it
    useful to the culture only.

    >Having said that, I suppose
    >it kind of goes without saying that I'm an example of someone who can't
    >"host" science and religion at the same time (of course I'd put it as
    >having a natural immunity against religion :-)).

    I can't host the differing models of reality, but I can contain the
    emotive and compassionate components of the philosophies of religious
    thinkers or their schools of thought. I've come to the thoughts of
    Confucius lately with a special admiration, and I'm a humanist at heart.

    And I have as much contention for the missteps of institutionalized
    science as for any institutionalized anything, including franchised food
    service operations.

    - Wade

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