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    --- Lawrence DeBivort <> wrote:
    > Do you anyone who today identifies him/herself as a Cathar?
    > I a, thinking of going to SE France this summer to examine the
    > memetic
    > aspects of the present interest in Catharism.
    > It is interesting that Cathars, as I understand it, did not write
    > their
    > doctrine, that it was explained orally by travelling artisanal
    > 'perfects'.
    > Thus scholars have to rely on the records provided by the inquisition
    > itself
    > (e.g. the Montaillou study). Do you have a sense of how accurate the
    > inquisition's rendition might be, or if there are any other
    > authoritative
    > sources?
    > - Lawrence

    Ugh...It was at least seven years from my last serious delving into the
    whole Cathar issue...I will have to wade through mountains of data to
    find the references that you are searching for, and they might be
    unavailable in US. Gimmie some time! ;)
    As far as I remember, inquistion even published a manual of how to
    confront the Perfectii in debates, and that would be a valuable
    reference as to the doctrinal differences between the heresy and church
    of that time...then also, a number of prominent Provancal nobles have
    been either converted to, or symphatetic to the Cathar's cause. Some of
    them have written extensively on the subject, but I have never been
    able to find out whether any of the texts survive, or where...
    Your trip to France is probably going to answer most of your questions,
    though. Personaly, I have never met anyone who considers himself to be
    of that particular heresy, although I met quite a few gnostics of
    somewhat different kind. Talk with the local priests, they will
    undoubtely supply you with more current and relevant information then I

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