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    On 04/25/01 08:55, Vincent Campbell said this-

    >In the UK, pants are what you wear under trousers (what you lot call pants-
    >very confusing for us Brits when we hear 'pants' in the movies, mainly
    >because the term is an abbreviation of underpants, so most of us don't quite
    >know how you lot came to use it for trousers).

    This is such an important discussion....


    The feminine underpant garment is called a panty. Men's are called
    briefs, or by extension from some manufacturers' names, 'jockey shorts'
    and 'BVD's. All can be called 'undies' and, of course, underpants, and I
    won't go into the slangs and colloquials or varieties.

    Then again, you limeys cover your bums with pants, and we try to cover
    them with blankets and get them to stop drinking so much....

    - Wade

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