Re: The Status of Memetics as a Science

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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 13:59:40 BST

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    On 04/24/01 01:27, Trupeljak Ozren said this-

    >certain limits on your perception.
    >(the above mentioned "rules" of the same)

    Ah, you meant 'limits'. Yes, of course, this human shell has limits. The
    'rules' of evolution, I suppose.

    I am very aware of them. I like to ignore them, as much as possible, for
    the acquisition of data. We have perceptual tools far more accurate and
    much less limited.

    So far, no religion that I am aware of has taken advantage of these tools
    of data acquisition to support any of their claims about life, the
    universe, or anything else.

    >If there weren't people who thought from a different point of view, one
    >that is inspired by intuition, or spark of imagination, the machine of
    >science would grind to a halt rather quickly,

    So far, I am fairly well cemented in my own humanist feelings that
    different points of view, intuitions, and sparks of imagination, are all
    ubiquitous and expected human responses and capacities. It is science
    (and art), in my humble opinion, that take advantage of these capacities,
    and religion (and the politics of power) that attempts to thwart them.

    As for True Paths- the ground is always moving.

    - Wade

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