Re: Darwinizing Culture: The Status of Memetics as a Science

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Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 20:54:47 BST

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    Hi Trupeljak Ozren -

    >In that sense, I would argue that both science and religion are
    >strustures whose primary function lies in defining our perceptions of
    >the Universe;

    _Our_ perceptions of the universe mean very little to science.

    But our gathered facts do.

    >Aggregations of facts are usualy called knowledges.


    >science is a set of rules for finding the truth
    >about the universe

    Truths about the universe are facts.

    Science is the desire to know these truths. The scientific method is one
    way of delivering sets of these to the seeker.

    Religions have no such need to know the universe. They only seek to
    define the ways of the people within their boundaries.

    >Most of the Christians living around me would vehemently disagree
    >about not being able to actually perceive God(s). Who am I to claim
    >knowledge of what they perceive?

    Ask them to prove it.

    Every fact is backed up by the entire universe. There is nothing about
    the godless universe that you cannot show them. They have only anecdotes,
    beliefs, and other fictions.

    In other words, they have perceptions without evidence.

    Science will not move without evidence for perception.

    - Wade

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