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    Subject: Re: taboos/ more references

    Hi Douglas,
    My collegue did some overtime.

    _Overviews of all aspects of the country are contained in
    Marina Boudart, Michel Boudart and René Bryssinck: Modern Belgium
    ( 1990); Stephen B. Wickman, Belgium: A country study ( 1984),
    Vernon Mallinson, Belgium (1969), detailed and well commented;
    and Frank E. Huggett, Modern Belgium (1969), thorough and discerning
    RC Riley, Belgium (1989) is a bibliography.

    _ Aspects of the language problem and nationalist movements in Belgium
    are explored in Alexander B. Murphy, The Regional Dynamics of Language
    Differention in Belgium (1988); a Political Geographic Treatment; Kenneth
    D. Mc Rae; Conflict and Compromise in Multilingual Societies: Belgium
    A detailed review of language and politics Arend Lijphart, Conflict and
    Coexistence in Belgium: The dynamics of a culturally divided society
    (1981), articles by a variety of Belgian and American scholars; John
    Fitzmaurice, The politics of Belgium: A Unique Federalism (1996);
    Shepard B. Clough, A History of the Flemish Movement in Belgium:
    A study in Nationalism ( 1930, reisssued 1968).

    On Belgian federalization; M. de Vroede, The Flemish Movement in
    Belgium (1975, originally in French) and Maurice Bologne, Notre
    Passé walon (1973).
    Information on Belgium's constitution and administrative structure may be
    found in André Alen, Treatise on Belgian Constitutional Law (1992).

    Church history and the history of free thought are covered by Roger
    Aubert, 150 Ans de vie des églises (1980) and Hervé Hasquin, His-
    toire de la Laïcite: principalement en Belgique et en France (1981).
    The ideological conflict is well covered in Vernon Mallison, Power &
    Politics in Belgian Education, 1815- 1961 (1963)

    Hope this helps your inquiry further,



    ( I am, because we are) still

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