Re: The Status of Memetics as a Science

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Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 16:41:12 BST

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    From: "TJ Olney" <>
    > If you think "memetic engineering" doesn't happen, you are sadly mistaken.
    > It is the heart of politics and the soul of commerce. The research budgets
    > of companies, advertising agencies, and public relations firms are enormous.
    > I'd bet there are even professionals in all three fields lurking in the
    > membership of this list. Why? Because, science or not, there are
    > practical implications for how to tailor campaigns of any kind to spread
    > points of view and sell products.

    In further support of your comments, I'd add that a scientific understanding
    of memetics can help humanity to avoid the kind of misuse practiced by
    propagandists. The dismissal of memetics by social commentators serves to make
    it a more powerful tool in the hands of miscreants (in my meme-ridden

    --J. R.

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