Genetic transmission of phallic attraction?!? [was Re: memes and sexuality]

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Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 00:55:53 BST

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    Subject: Genetic transmission of phallic attraction?!?  [was Re: memes and sexuality]
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    Robin Faichney <> wrote:
    > Anyone who seriously suggested that gun use itself could be genetically
    > determined would deserve to be treated as a joke.
    > A genetically transmitted tendency to be attracted to phallic power
    > symbols, though, is another matter, which I think only a rabid
    > anti-psychologist or the like could insist should not be taken
    > seriously.


    You are kidding are you? Does this mean that our genes determine what we are
    attracted to? Non-sense.... again a bio-reductivist viewpoint. You might as
    well *say* that we are attracted guns because, by proxy, the assertion could
    be made.

    Power symbols are very culturally relative... even common tendencies within
    populations are disparate enough between populations to dismiss any genetic
    links. Consider the wiccan religion... applying the inverse statement: *lack
    of attraction to phallic power* is also genetically transmitted? Is it at all
    possible that the ancient cultures noticed a correlation between the moon
    cycles and the female's menstrual cycle? From that correlation they abstracted
    (brought from the REAL world to the abstract world) a certain mysticism in
    female... hence female worship (which was, and somewhat continues to be the
    seminal idea in the Wiccan religions.)

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