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Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 19:55:25 BST

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    On 04/20/01 13:20, said this-

    >The molecular system is much lower-level, that is, composed of far
    >simpler constituents

    Ah.... I see I came up against the 'from a distance' problem again. To
    me, the view from afar (the macro view, I guess) is a far simpler thing
    to grasp, and the simplicity of seeing, say, the earth from space (nice
    mottled blue and white and brown sphere....) and the very different view
    from right here on the ground (dirt, people, cars, buildings, animals,

    Which is simpler? Which explains more?

    All of which reminds me of that song, which is why I call this the 'from
    a distance' problem, by Junie Moon or somebody, called 'From a Distance'
    and made popular by Bette Midler, which states that the xian deity is
    watching us 'from a distance' which leads me to say, well, to this deity,
    all this looks just hunky-dory, so don't expect any answers to your
    prayers for any of your own piddling little problems, because the thing
    you think you're talking to can't see what the hell you're on about. This
    looks swell from its vantage....

    Ain't no sparrows here to see fall.

    - Wade

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