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Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 18:20:52 BST

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    On 20 Apr 2001, at 9:44, Wade T.Smith wrote:

    > On 04/19/01 18:11, said this-
    > >Some complex concepts simply cannot be translated into simpler
    > >systems; if you think that they can, then supply me with a
    > >molecular conception of self-consciousness.
    > Ain't a molecular conception _less_ simple? The simple conception is,
    > um, "god gave me a soul" - it is highly complex and involved to
    > organize the physics of molecular interactions to explain anything,
    > much less self-consciousness.
    The molecular system is much lower-level, that is, composed of far
    simpler constituents, than the level at which self-conscious
    awareness, freely willed action/volition and arbitrary assignation of
    symbolicity occurs, thus any attempted explanation of such
    phenomena using the concepts and categories of the molecular
    level would be doomed to failure from the start, as molecular level
    concepts and categories possess no explanatory power on the
    dynamically recursive emergent self level.

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