Re: memes and sexuality/ Gender Bias for Memes

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 17:13:34 BST

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    Subject: Re: memes and sexuality/ Gender Bias for Memes
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    Subject: Re: memes and sexuality/ Gender Bias for Memes

    Hi TJ, you wrote

    > What you will find across groups is that there are XY folks who are very
    > feminine in their behaviors and XX folks who are very masculine in their
    > behaviors. This includes their use of language and attribution of meanings
    > words.

    << How do you make that difference between how XY folks and XX folks
    use their language and give meaning to the words they use !?
    In what way you do investigate and what about the context wherein those
    words play their role !?
    How do you make/ see a difference between as for an example, people
    talk about suicide !?
    How in the end do you see/ know if you were talking to a XY or a XX !?

    Would a man with a XY charactersitic talk more about suicide with pills
    and would a female with a XX distinction talk more about suicide with
    guns, or is that the wrong way in seeing things !?

    You wrote,
    The problem that arises if we are not careful about the distinction
    > is that the central tendencies for XX tend to be feminine and for XY to be
    > masculine, and we start to really mix up what has been genetically
    > determined, what has been genetically influenced, and what has been
    > memetically influenced. There is getting to be some excellent research
    > has helped to tease out these differences. Hormones do matter, but,
    > especially with drugs of various kinds, their influences can be
    > modified.

    << Yes, but wouldn 't that be cultural/ social/ psychological and/ or poli-
    tical related !?
    After all, the tendency towards the decrease of agression; towards the
    masculine perspective, is a social thing, is it not !?

    You can 't really change what is genetically determined, (you can in a way
    influence what is genetically determined ) and of course you can change/
    influence what has been memetically determined.
    After all, politically correct movements, like democracy is one, try with
    all means possible to get everything under the flag of the equality- prin-
    There is zero- tolerance towards agression and in respect that counts for
    any other masculine perspective_ even so far as language and thought.
    ( The group remerber !!)

    I don 't know if any of this throws a light upon the things we are dealing
    here with, but is keeping the distinction between the central tendencies for
    XX and XY in place not a somewhat drastically construct !?
    What result would you get from it !?
    After Darwinizining culture... Feminizing culture !?

    And what about the hormonal disorder " genderdysforie " and living
    with a feminine mind in the body of a male !?
    I even got recalls about a man by which such a disorder made him change
    from the white race to the black one. He got more comfort in living like
    a nigger in a hut somewhere in Africa than living in Holland in a nice warm
    house. He changed his face, wears now dresses of straw and hunts anti-
    lopes. I am telling you, this is no joke. In essence it is a sad story.
    Michael Jackson tries to do the same, for other reasons and I don 't think
    anyone made the suggestion that he suffers off some kind of disorder.
    Anyway, trying to resemble Elisabeth Taylor.....



    ( I am, because we are) still in one piece I hope

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