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Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 04:41:36 BST

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    >From: Vincent Campbell <>
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    >Subject: RE: Determinism
    >Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 14:29:58 +0100
    >If we're talking films for philosophers, then someone suggested to me that
    >Terrance Malick's 'The Thin Red Line' was, for them, about as close as
    >you'll get to Heidegger on film. I kinda saw what they meant...
    I'm not at all familiar with Heidegger, but I did consider "Thin Red Line" a
    very philosophical film. I'd need to watch the movie again, perhaps after
    reading some Heidegger.
    >Seems to me to be a film, in its treatment of individuals responses to
    >events, that isn't irrelevant to this discussion.
    Looking at a movie in a philosophical light might call for refection on the
    "distinction "memes"" Sheriff Brodie talks about in his book on mind bugs. I
    tried imposing Berkeleyian and Schopenhauerian ideas upon _The Matrix_
    because those distinctions were set up within my mindbrain via some reading
    I had done.

    I also have noticed more cars like mine since I recently bought it. Yet
    another distinction made, thanks to our resident shark chaser.

    Before taking botany classes, plants all ran together. After taking botany
    classes, I had an unnerving tendency of subconsciously naming all the
    familiar plants I happened upon during a walk across campus.
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