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Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 00:36:34 BST

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    Hi daniella -

    >We happen to have weaker voices, and
    >therefore in a competition for "self assertion" we are likely to

    But, they are shriller voices, you see, so it is very hard indeed to
    actually _listen_ to them for any protracted spell of time.

    (Unless they are not, you understand, and it is all we can do to tear
    ourselves away....)

    It ain't wise to move the sexes away in societal or cultural ways, the
    red tent notwithstanding. Beyond biological roles (still not totally
    grasped, and always, until perhaps recently or perhaps some uncertain
    tomorrow, societally constrained), aggressive capacities could easily be
    similar- women prisoners are a high growth segment in US correction
    facilities- and the pressures of poverty and access are both being
    equalized across communities and businesses and politics.

    I once read an interesting monograph about the evolution of human forms,
    and how, in the female, with her reduction of the suborbital ridge of the
    skull, appears to be more advanced (for lack of another term) in
    development. Ever since that time, I've always peered with some alarming
    intensity upon the brow of a woman at first meeting, with somewhat an
    equal degree of uneasiness about her apprehension of my own rather lumpy

    - Wade

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