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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 23:01:50 BST

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    Subject: Hidden women

    > "Certainly, the bias against self assertion, and aversion to conflict,
    > even
    > in sport or argument, is cultural.
    > Or could it be physical?


    >We happen to have weaker voices,

    Actually, feminine voices are known to be better audible over noise.

    > therefore in a competition for "self assertion" we are likely to
    > loose.

    Take my advice, and loose that crutch!

    >We also are
    > usually not as strong so sports

    But, in sports, certainly, women generally compete against other women.

    >and physical conflict are out too.


    > When it comes to argument - we usually gain the upper hand - don't all
    > cliché's say so? We must trust those memes;-)

    Then the memeplex must include obliviousness your prior statements that
    women shy away from argument. But then, forthrightness might not yield such
    an upper hand, nor capability rationalize manipulation.

    > Question - memetic or genetic, or do memes accept the ruling of
    > genes?
    > daniella

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