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    > Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 21:44:16 +0300
    > From: daniella <>
    > Subject: Hidden women...
    > Re memes and sexuality/gender Bias for Memes.
    > kenneth wrote:
    > Not many females take actually part in the discussions, and that is
    > just a
    > way in how you must see what JR means. Is memetics somehow male-
    > gender related !?
    > As a long-time lurker on this list - I should like to say the actual
    > subject of memetics does and has interested me. The often aggressive
    > and
    > sometimes pompous manner of disagreeing on this list - makes me
    > refrain from participating. Could this be the reason others of my
    > gender stay away too?
    > We are, after all, a gentle gender;-)))
    > daniella

    Hello, all-
    As another woman lurking here, I agree completely with Daniella!

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