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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 20:29:05 BST

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    On 04/17/01 10:13, Robin Faichney said this-

    >> The idea that this is a universe of causes, one cause leading to another,
    >> cause into cause, with some result waiting for us at some omega point,
    >I don't get that last bit. What means "some result waiting for us at
    >some omega point"?

    By which I meant de Chardin's god.

    >> But there is also some real reason for
    >> this scientific ape to deal with the universe from a single perspective.
    >Why should any particular perspective be given precedence?

    Indeed, although, tying in the omniscient theme, we can't be everywhere
    at once, so, localization of perspective (a la Euclidean vs. Einsteinian
    space) lets us move forward. But I was mainly going for the reason people
    lean with gods and tribes.

    >Sometimes the only way to reconcile differences is to acknowledge and
    >accept them, because trying to force a merger between dissimilars leads
    >to dissension and the exaggeration of difference.

    'Consilience' hopes to avoid this, gently, by offering the hope of the
    inclusive perspective, but, yes, you can bring a horse to water....

    - Wade

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