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    On 04/17/01 12:02, J. R. Molloy said this-

    >(The beads represent digits.)

    But.... representation is an analog procedure....

    Are fingers thus digital computers for the early mathematicizing child...?

    What ain't an analogic process in human endeavor?

    And don't we mean, when we say 'digital computing', a _binary_ process,
    rather than just being related to digits, and when we say 'analog
    computing' don't we mean a representational process?

    If you say there ain't no such thing as an analog compact disc, I'll
    agree with ya, although the actual encoding in binary on the substrate
    may have originally been recorded with analog mechanisms. Conversion is
    important both to engineers and missionaries.

    And, I'm pretty sure (pretty sure) that there ain't no such thing as a
    fully digital microphone, or a fully digital speaker, and, lo, there
    probably won't ever be. Binaries can't push air.

    Really, just because the container is flexible, don't mean you have to
    squeeze along all the sides.

    - Wade

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