Re: memes and sexuality

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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 18:11:22 BST

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    Subject: Re: memes and sexuality
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    From: "Vincent Campbell" <>
    > I still tend to regard this as conditioned behaviour at this point
    > in time, i.e. how parents and others shape children's play. Afer all both
    > dolls and guns are cultural constructions, that we're not genetically
    > programmed to understand in terms of usage.

    According to John Stossel ("Give Me A Break" on 20/20), in households that do
    not provide infant boys with toy guns or any kind of toy weaponry (politically
    correct pacifists we assume?), the boys use bananas, cucumbers, sticks, or any
    object that can be used to point as a substitute for a gun. They aim and add
    sound effects. They do this despite conditioning against it. As this behavior
    could be prompted by genetic rather than memetic cues, I suspect it
    illustrates how genes help to direct memes.

    > What I think this old thread was about, from my point of view, was
    > the possibilty that genders have differential languages skills, or
    > differential involvement in the development of language, and subsequently
    > cultural behaviours, potentially implied by the research showing these
    > different abilities in young children.

    I suppose language skills comprise some components of gendered memes, since
    females are better at language than are males. Furthermore, genetics may play
    important roles in determinining resistance to certain memes. For example,
    cursory observation reveals men have a higher threshold to religious
    propaganda, but once they fall for it, they go whole hog. Sexual dimorphism
    seems to me to extend to memetics quite readily. But maybe I've fallen prey to
    the sexism meme. τΏτ

    --J. R.

    Useless hypotheses:
     consciousness, phlogiston, philosophy, vitalism, mind, free will, qualia,
    analog computing, cultural relativism

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