RE: memes and sexuality

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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 14:45:12 BST

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            <Well, I've noticed that girls are more prone to play with dolls
    than are boys.
    > And boys seem to be more attracted to playing with guns.>
            I still tend to regard this as conditioned behaviour at this point
    in time, i.e. how parents and others shape children's play. Afer all both
    dolls and guns are cultural constructions, that we're not genetically
    programmed to understand in terms of usage.

            What I think this old thread was about, from my point of view, was
    the possibilty that genders have differential languages skills, or
    differential involvement in the development of language, and subsequently
    cultural behaviours, potentially implied by the research showing these
    different abilities in young children.


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