Artificial Brain? I'm sceptical.

Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 18:40:45 BST

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    Subject: Artificial Brain?  I'm sceptical.
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    > Sunday, April 15 6:05 PM SGT
    > Russia hails breakthrough in building artificial brain
    > MOSCOW, April 15 (AFP) -
    > Russian scientists claimed Sunday to have developed the first
    > artificial brain, a "neuro-computer" with the same intellectual
    > potential as its human counterpart, Interfax reported.
    > The new Russian computer is based on the brain cell, or neuron, and
    > outstrips previous brain models by using state-of-the-art findings in
    > neurophysiology and neuromorphology to produce a truly thinking
    > machine, scientist Vitaly Valtsev said.
    > But he warned of the potential hazards of the scientific breakthrough,
    > saying the brand new brain could turn into a Frankenstein's monster if
    > it was mistreated.
    > "This machine needs to be trained like a newborn child. It's extremely
    > important for us to make it a friend, not a criminal or an enemy,"
    > Valtsev said. Valtsev, a member of the International Academy of
    > Information Science, told Interfax that Russian scientists succeeded
    > where others had failed because they used a model of the neuron of the
    > brain in building the computer.
    > Earlier attempts to create an artificial intelligence had failed
    > because scientists had tried to create a smart machine using a model
    > of the neuron of the spinal cord developed back in the 1940s.

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