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Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 22:56:32 BST

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    > On 15 Apr 2001, at 5:42, Aaron Agassi wrote:
    > > Since I hold Superdeterminism necessary and sufficient for freedom, my
    > > position, precisely, is that omniscience would narrow down choices to
    > > the one optimal decision. Never the less, this would be, indeed,
    > > empowering, of course.
    > >
    > Such as which one of the two perfectly suited values one should
    > use to solve a given quadratic equation? Degrees of perfection;
    > hmmm. Perhaps you're ready to count fractal iterations of angels
    > on the heads of pins.
    I have already answered that for you:

    An omniscient mathematician would not only have every sufficient answer to
    the equation, but would also predict every real world ramification of the
    choice. Which value takes up less space on the black board. Which value
    helps the best illustration of the principle under examination. Which
    response will be deemed cleverest to impress that cute mathematician of the
    appropriate sex. And so on.

    But if it there ever could be such a situation where further narrowing down
    of the correct response would make no difference, then, obviously, that
    residual choice which makes no difference would scarcely further empower.
    And the choice, however arbitrary, would still be determined, by whatever
    criteria of preference or whatever process.

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