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Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 19:52:31 BST

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    From: Aaron Agassi <>
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    Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2001 5:19 PM
    Subject: Re: [Re: Determinism]
    > > > "Aaron Agassi" <> wrote:
    > > > >>> Now you speak of knowledge, not truth. Truth, after all, may be
    > > > >>> unknown. But never provisional.
    > > > <SNIP>
    << But just a question here !
    > > Are we really part of the same reality !?
    > > Which reality is that !?
    > > I know people who does not understand that the sun is a star in the
    > > universe !!
    > That is a Phenomenological matter, not Ontology.
    > <And you are trying to persuade me that we are all part of
    > > the same reality !?
    > > There are people living apart from this reality where we live in !!
    > > And to the comment that our individual models are only in part true I
    > > wish to say, no I don 't think so, they are from our individual bias
    > > as they ought to be.
    > That is sheer Relativism, which isn't even as internally consistent as
    > Solipsism.
    > >We have no other perspective of reality than our
    > > own.
    > True. But don't confuse the different (flawed) maps with the same
    > >We can 't hold the whole of reality in the palm of our hand.
    > > Reality is my reality !!
    > False.

    << I agree with answer 1 and 2 but not with the last !
    Reality is still and will be my reality !!
    The only reality we do have and will have in common is the one we see and
    experience with all of our senses. The experience of experiencing the world,
    the universe or reality for that matter will be and ought to be different
    one of the other. Our neural pathways, our external input and our internal
    output can 't be and will never be the same.
    If you say it does I 'll have no answer left I suppose, because for that
    matter we will be living in seperate realities... and I can 't see to which
    extend you will be that part of me by which I can tell it is mine.



    ( i am, because we are) that different !?

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