Re: memes and sexuality/ Gender Bias for Memes

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Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 21:31:05 BST

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    Subject: Re: memes and sexuality/ Gender Bias for Memes
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      Subject: Re: memes and sexuality

      In a message dated 4/13/2001 2:14:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      The "gender" meme itself shows a bias, because it really means "sex" not
      In human brains there are two sexes. Gender has to do with grammar.
      According to the American Heritage Dictionary:
      Definition of gender:
      2. Sexual identity, especially in relation to society or culture.
      3. a. The condition of being female or male; sex.
         b. Females or males considered as a group

      << Hi Len,

      Of course you are right in mentioning what the dictonary has to say about
      gender, but what JR meant is IMO the following,
      The general idea that memes could have a gender bias is expressed in
      which words oneself uses to express themselves.
      If you will have a peek in the archives of this list, you will find an entry
      called Gender Bias for Memes. Look for the posts written by Chris Lofting.

      From my own writing I recall this,

      Male Female

      Sameness Difference
      Order Change
      Single context ' fuzz the bounderies '
      Schizophrenia Depression
      Suicide ( guns) Suicide attempts (poison)
      Action Language
      Instinct Raison
      Consensus Opportunism
      General Special
      Dasein Mitsein
      Darwin ? Lamarck ?
          ( objects) ( waves) relationships
      Genetic ? Memetic ?
      La nature naturelle ? La nature artificiel ?

      By which you have to think the following,
      How would a male/ female translate the two columns into language !?
      Would he/ she will do that in his/ her own words or in his/ her gender- related
      expressions methods !?
      That is when a male talks about order will he mean the same thing as a
      female does !? And will he do that with to his gender- related words !?
      Does a male/ female thinks, feels, experieces, .... the same things when both
      read a book about suicide !?
      That is in the ' sex ' meaning of gender.

      The second perspective, is where Chris Lofting comes in,
      In the way we use words, in the way we write, in the way we express our -
      selves there is some male/ female distinction.
      That is, list- member X writes all the time in an agressive way, you can say
      that is a male type of writing, of making arguments, of getting his message
      across. I, from my side of the water here writes most of the time in a decent,
      civilized, some times bad English- way. You may say that is a female- type
      of expressing myself_ in the way I choose the words " I give away some of my
      feminine mode "... or something like that.
      That is the ' gender ' where JR is talking about.
      IMO a very interesting subject, but also a dangerous one.
      Not many men will comply with the fact that they write, or express them-
      selves in a more feminine way than they think they do_ and putting one's
      finger on the spot makes them angry and very unpleasant.

      For woman we can apply the same argument I suppose_ like I asked before
      on this list, concerning memetics that Memetics a Male- thing !?
      Not many females take actually part in the discussions, and that is just a
      way in how you must see what JR means. Is memetics somehow male-
      gender related !? According to Chris Lofting, as I remerber correctly it is,
      but don 't ask me how....)

      On the other hand, male/ female distinction/ gender related methods by
      which oneself expresses her or himself is also due to historical/ social/
      cultural/ political/ philosophical/ personal/ genetical/ memetical/... behavior, characteristics and meme- transmission.



      ( I am, because we are) related

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