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From: Derek Gatherer (
Date: Mon 19 Jun 2006 - 07:39:38 GMT

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    Just tangential to the main debate

    At 17:50 16/06/2006, you wrote:
    >I can only attribute this accusation to psychological
    >projection. At an unconscious level, you see this as a war of egos
    >rather than a discussion of ideas. Instead of consciously
    >recognizing this fact, you project your malady onto me.

    I'm curious, Ted - are you a psychoanalyst in the real world? I thought you were, as you often made these kind of allusions when you were debating with me, and there is a "Ted Dace" who practices psychotherapy in LA (Google is a terrible thing, I agree...), but then you were saying the other day that you were transcribing news interviews at work, which doesn't sound like the sort of thing a psychtherapist would do.

    Apologies if this is an inappropriate delve into your personal life, but my curiosity about your use of arguments from psychology is just getting the better of me!!

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