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Date: Mon 19 Jun 2006 - 07:42:06 GMT

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    Ted, Ted, Ted....

    You're barking up the entirely wrong tree here, m'boy -- memetics concerns itself with aspects of accident, not essence.

    (So you can put down that copy of Atlas Shrugged and move past it already... it won't apply here. ;)

    You wrote:
    >>It's a core belief of memetics that cultural meaning is
    >>contained in artifacts such as books, musical scores,
    >>game rules, etc.

    I replied:
    > This statement seems incorrect to me, although to be honest, I can't
    really evaluate
    > it well because,
    > (1) I'm not entirely sure what exactly you mean by the term "cultural
    > above. ("of cultural significance"? "interpretation within a cultural
    > "significance to individuals of a specific culture"? or something else

    Now, Ted, rather than clip the relevant question -- perhaps to evade the hard work of explaining & defending terms you yourself have consciously chosen to employ (as happened your last response) -- I hope, rather, that you could do the following for me:

    Refer to the current subject line (above & of your own e-mail, sent on Sat, 17 Jun 2006 @ 8:34:09) and answer clearly in your own words this simple question:

    What specific concept did you hope to invoke by term "cultural meaning" above?

    -Tim Rhodes

    p.s. You see, Ted, we must work to ensure that both of us are using the same signifiers to signal similar concepts from the very start, if there is to be any communication at all -- let alone a functional & useful dialogue!

    "Now 'why a thing is itself' is a meaningless inquiry"
    - Aristotle, Metaphysics Book VII, Part 17

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