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Date: Sat 17 Jun 2006 - 13:00:29 GMT

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    To make an essential point NOT covered in that link I gave, the distinction is necessary between the singular nature and the particular-general nature. The latter covers our primate being, our species being, and so our generic heritage. THAT position is what fight/flight dichotomy is all about.

    The singular nature reflects our individual nature as conscious individuals rather than as individual members of the species. THAT nature acts as a
    'random' element in our being where the uniqueness serves as a 'random' element in that it acts to give 'unique' perspectives that can in some what contribute to the species - as such our individual nature is like that of, say, a sense of 'salt' or 'sour' is to the nature of taste in that we contribute through our distancing from others as 'specialist' elements of the species.

    This distancing dynamic reflects our competitive nature as individuals where it varies according to the interaction of species-nature with consciousness-nature. (and so the play with the competitive/cooperative dynamic that is isomorphic to anger/love, anger/fear etc)

    SO - the particular/general dynamic focuses on our nature as species-members, where we all know 'anger' or 'fear'. THEN comes the singular where that knowing is more context-sensitive, more 'small world network' etc


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