What Meaning Means (was: RE: presentation)

From: Tim Rhodes (proftim@speakeasy.org)
Date: Sat 17 Jun 2006 - 01:44:19 GMT

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    Ted wrote:

    >It's a core belief of memetics that cultural meaning is
    >contained in artifacts such as books, musical scores,
    >game rules, etc.

    This statement seems incorrect to me, although to be honest, I can't really evaluate it well because,

    (1) I'm not entirely sure what exactly you mean by the term "cultural meaning" above. ("of cultural significance"? "interpretation within a cultural context"? "significance to individuals of a specific culture"? or something else entirely?)


    (2) I don't think memetics actually speaks much to questions of "meaning" per se.

    Memetics is much better suited to address itself to questions of diffusion, distribution, frequency & adaptation of cultural items, or trends within those aspects, rather than addressing interpretation of their objective/subjective "meanings" per se.

    >I initiated the RS thread specifically to dispute this point.
    >No one on the list expressed agreement with my assertion
    >that meaning is strictly mental.

    That's because it isn't.

    "Meaning", as far as cultural tokens or artifacts are concerned, is an emergent phenomenon resulting from the interaction of mind & artifact within a cultural context.

    Just mind alone is not enough -- and neither is just artifact.

    -Tim Rhodes

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